SWEET PEPPER PESTO- Fire-roasted red bell peppers are pureed for a sweet, savory sauce or condiment. Use as a flavorful topping for quiche, a sandwich spread for grilled chicken sandwich or make our cream cheese and jalapeno dip for your next party.

SUN-DRIED TOMATO PESTO- Vine ripened California sun-dried tomatoes distinguish this rich, robust pesto. Great with chicken or any other poultry.

OLIVADA OLIVE PESTO- Olivada Olive Pesto is pure kalamata olive with a hint of lemon. Serve as a condiment with grilled swordfish with a salad of lightly dressed arugula.

ARTICHOKE LEMON PESTO- Oprah’s Pick! Artichoke Lemon is a beloved combination of artichokes and fresh squeezed lemon. Prepare a warm Artichoke Dip for your next get-together.

ARUGULA & PINE PESTO- Inspired by the Italian condiment salsa verde, this clean and herbal pesto has the nuttiness of toasted Italian pine nuts and grated parmesan cheese.

FRESH BASIL PESTO-Savor the taste of summer in Tuscany. Fresh picked basil leaves from the garden are picked and pureed into the classic paste so well known throughout the northern parts of Italy.