Produced in Manakan-Sabot…Salame (the Italian spelling for ‘salami’) is made based on 160-year old family recipes passed down to the founder, Oliviero ‘Olli’ Colmignoli.

CALABRESE- Calabrese is a spicy salame that gets its kick from cayenne pepper and paprika. This Calabrese Salame is based on a traditional recipe from Calabria, where spicy sausages are popular.

MOLISANA- Molisana is a robust salame flavored with whole black peppercorn and garlic – it’s the quintessential Italian salame that you would find in Molise.

NAPOLI- Napoli Salame is smoked over applewood with a hint of fennel giving it a complex, hearty flavor traditional to the smoked salame from Naples.

TOSCANO- Called “Toscano” because Florence fennel (”finocchio” in Italian) grows wild in the Tuscan hills and is closely associated with the regional cuisine. Fennel pollen conveys a slightly licorice-like aromatic intensity that has made it the pork enhancer of choice for generations.

WILD BOAR- Olli wild boar salame is smoked over applewood and has a unique smoky flavor. The selected cuts used come from the lean shoulders and legs, giving it an almost purple color.