Olive Oil Tasting Bar

Olive oil has been a staple in the diet of the Mediterranean people since the Bronze Age (3000 B.C.). Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, lacks saturated fats and is an integral part of the “Mediterranean diet” felt to contribute to the longevity of people in that region of the world.

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Handpicked rare Kolovi and Adramytiani olives make up this unique Greek olive oil from the island of Lesvos. Because Kolovi and Adramytiani olives have large pits and less flesh, they yield less oil than other olives – making every bottle of Kaldí olive oil exceptional. Kaldí olive oils are unfiltered and low in chlorophyll creating a golden oil with tastes of grass, hay, artichokes, pleasant and clear bitter notes, with a peppery after taste. Kaldi Organic Olive Oil is distinctively fragrant and fruity.

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Kaldi EstatesOlive Oil


Unfiltered, hand-picked, cold pressed olives from the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Granada, Spain. This oil is of exceptional quality and exquisite flavor. Decanted for 3 months & hand bottled.

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Veleta Olive Oil